Membership of the institute is opened to all person, aged eighteen (18) years and above, who are of Nigerian origin and from other parts of the world and are interested in the aims and objects of the institute, may be an individual engaged in research, services, education, technical development, quality control or production work employment, manufacturing, sale or improvement of finished products or new materials of polymer nature such as plastics, rubber, paints and printing inks, adhesives, pulp and paper packaging and related industries.

Categories of Membership

There are eight categories of membership, namely:
i. Honorary fellow
ii. Fellow
iii. Member
iv. Associate
v. Graduate
vi. Professional Grade i.e Technician and Higher Diploma Grades
vii. Corporate
viii. Student

Professional Membership Requirements

S/No. Membership Grade Qualifying Requirements
1. Student Member Regular enrolled Full Time student in any Institution of learning on an accredited course of study leading specialization in Polymer Science, Engineering and/or Technology.
2. Technician HND, OND in Polymer Science or Engineering or Requisite Experience in the Operation and Service of Polymer Industry equipment.
3. Graduate Member (GPIN) Maximum of Four (4) of Polymer education with credits earned in Polymer Science, Engineering or Technology, Plastics, Coatings, Engineering and Technology or such other qualification as may be recognized by the Board of PIN as equivalent to the foregoing requirement for admission to GPIN grade.
4. Associate Member Less than Six (6) years’ experience with credits earned for Diploma or Degree in a discipline other than Polymer Science, Engineering or Technology and involvement in Polymer or Polymer Equipment Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Education, Engineering Design, Production, Processing, Research and development, consulting or other levels of management.
5. Full Member (MPIN): Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics, Polymer Engineering, Plastics Engineering, Polymer Technology and allied fields. Minimum of Six (6) years’ experience with credits of which Four (4) years must be earned for full time Polymer Education to at least a Second Class Honours, Bachelor Degree level or equivalent and as approved by Board.
6. Fellows 1)     Honourary Fellows: Chosen and nominated by the Board of Directors for service to the Polymer Industry and the Institute.

2)   Fellow: Conferred on member for outstanding work in the field of Polymer Science or Engineering and Service to the Institute.

7. Corporate (Company) Membership Company involved in production or services related to Polymer Science and Engineering.

Note: Print the Application Form and returned to the National Secretariat with other relevant documents as attachments. Please download the PIN Membership Form. Charges should be paid into:

Bank: First Bank Plc
Account Name: Polymer Institute of Nigeria
Account Number: 2011592024
Bank Sort Code: 011202046

Category of Application Amount (NGN)
Member NGN9,500
Graduate NGN9,500
Associate NGN9,500
Student NGN3,000
Company NGN100,000